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Conference fees1,2 and deadlines:

Please note: All amounts indicated in sections Registration and Accomodation are due amounts, this means that in these amounts are not included any bank fees, commisions, etc.
All these fees and commisions should be covered by Payor pursuing bank wire transfer.

Type of registration Registered payment
until 30.06.2016 until 31.08.2016 from 01.09.2016
Participant – regular fee 250 EUR/1050 PLN 280 EUR/1170 PLN 300 EUR/1260 PLN
Student – under 26, Ph.D. Student (with a valid student ID)3 150 EUR/630 PLN 180 EUR/750 PLN 200 EUR/840 PLN


1 The prices include VAT 23%
2 The registration fee is to be paid either in EURO or Polish zloty.
3 The admission to the conference without any surcharge is accepted after showing a valid student ID.

All the participants, who want to have the publication of their papers guaranteed should pay the Conference fee by June 30, 2016.

Conference fee includes:

  • admission to the sessions,
  • admission to the exhibition ,
  • conference materials (program, Proceedings, Certificate of Attendance),
  • gala dinner 14.09.2016,
  • lunch 15.09.2016,
  • folklore evening 15.09.2016,
  • coffee breaks.

Additional registration options/social program:

Additionally paid services:

You can select the apropiate options both for yourself and for accompanying person. (Notice: the accompanying person can only participate in social program).

Option Price1,2
gala dinner – accompanying person 14.09.2016 36 EUR/150 PLN /person
folklore evening – accompanying person 15.09.2016 36 EUR/150 PLN /person
additional lunch (14.09.2016, 15.09.2016 or 16.09.2016) 17 EUR/70 PLN /lunch

1 The prices include VAT 23%
2 All services are to be paid either in Euro or Polish zloty.
Please note: all the extra services selected by the participant will be added to participant’s regular fee and placed on the final invoice as one position named: “conference fee” whereas the services selected for accompanying person will be accounted separately. If you have other wishes regarding the invoices, write it in the annonations or contact Organizing Office.

Additional registration options

  • If you are interested to submit the abstract, please tick: I am going to submit the abstract
  • If you want to receive paper invoice via traditional mail, please tick: Paper invoice sent via traditional mail”.(The invoices will be issued no later than on the 14th day after the entry of payment and they will be sent via email free of charge)


  • The conference application will be considered valid only upon the registration of corresponding payment.
  • The payment should be made via wire transfer, after receiving a confirmation of the registration to the Conference.
  • Don’t forget to write as the title of the bank transfer: name, surname of the participant and the password: “MOTOR CONTROL 2016”.
  • Account details:
Bank: mBank SA
IBAN/Account no. (payment in Euro): PL43114020040000331204081006
IBAN/Account no. (payment in Polish zloty): PL69114020040000340275753047
Accounts owner: AltaSoft sp. z o.o., ul. Pukowca 15, 40-847 Katowice, Poland

Fee cancellation and refund

  • Handling charge related to the cancellation of a single registration is 10 EUR/42 PLN gross. It will be deducted from the registration fee already paid.
  • The condition of reimbursement is to send the written (it may be done via email) resignation of participation or the request for reimbursement of fee paid individually to the Organizing Office. The date of receiving the resignation or the request is decisive:
Date of receiving the resignation or request Refund
until 30 Jun 2016 100% of the amount paid minus handling charge (10 EUR/42 PLN)
until 30 Jul 2016 50% of the amount paid minus handling charge (10 EUR/42 PLN)
after 30 Jul 2016 No refunds
  • The fee refund is done directly to the bank account from which the fee was transferred. In case of VAT invoices, within 14 days after receiving by the Organizing Office the signed copy of correcting invoice.
  • In case of paying the registration fee but not arriving at the conference, no fee refunds will be done and the conference materials will not be delivered in any form by the Organizer or the Organizing Office.